Episode 1: Family - How To Date Your Spouse w/ Darlene & Ryan Rios

Ryan and Darlene Rios
We didn’t ‘date’ for 7 years but it finally got to a point now where we need that...we need that time away with each other.
— Darlene Rios
Darlene and Ryan Rios.png

In our first podcast episode, host Eric Newman is joined by Darlene & Ryan Rios to kick off the start of What Hope Looks Like.

With the divorce rate for pediatric cancer families being even higher than the national average, we talked to Darlene and Ryan about some of the ups and downs and what's kept them going strong through their daughter Kaylee's eight year battle with Neuroblastoma. They've learned to lean in to support each other, even when stress and emotions are running high. Please listen, subscribe and share!